Analytics is an essential backdrop to 21st century management.

What's behind your decisions?


73% of big data projects are unprofitable.

90% of organizations feel that they are not effectively using analytics to gain a competitive advantage.

Rethinking Traditional Methods

Despite heavy investment, most analytic initiatives fail to deliver actionable insights. Too much time is spent producing analytical results and not enough time is spent improving capabilities to consume them.


Be adaptable

Today, knowledge alone isn't enough to maintain a competitive edge. Organizations need an innovative process for solving problems and discovering opportunities.

Data sparks curiosity.
Curiosity encourages learning.
Learning breeds adaptability.

In rapidly changing environments, adaptable organizations thrive.


A Complete Decision Analytics Framework

Traditional approaches often lack the sophisticated and thoughtful methods required to deliver successful analytic initiatives. In addition to business analysis, data engineering and program deployment, our unique framework stresses the importance of decision modeling, design thinking and data science. We strive to enhance an organization’s intuitive competence by delivering valuable, quantifiable and actionable data-driven solutions.

Decision Modeling

A powerful precursor to requirements definition. It allows design based on a logical structure for going beyond information presentation to include predictions and recommendations so users progress from "what happened" to "what action can be taken."

Design Thinking

A structured framework for solving problems. It involves observation to discover unmet needs, defining an opportunity and scope of innovation, generating creative ideas, and iteratively refining a solution.

Data Science

Turns traditional business intelligence into predictive and prescriptive actions. By continuously seeking truth in the face of ambiguity, hidden insights are surfaced that help enable organizations to make smarter business decisions.

Empower a Cognitive Culture

We believe the real value in analytics is unlocked by complementing business context with data science and design thinking. Only after the gap between data and decisions is bridged can a true cognitive culture begin to emerge.


Begin Your Journey from Data to Decisions

We provide management consulting quality and confidence for a fraction of the price.

Discovery Sessions

We work with you and your team to run a set of cross-functional interviews and interactive group dialogs to identify opportunities to address business issues with analytics. Once complete, you have a prioritized listing for leveraging analytics in your business.

Solution Prototyping

We facilitate a rapid prototyping workshop to support a specific business challenge or decision-making process. The workshop is interactive and leverages visual techniques to map both the business process and proposed solution(s). The end goal is to generate clarity, consensus, alignment, and initial momentum with key stakeholders as well as to outline a work plan for moving forward.

Project/Program Management

We partner with you to solve a tactical or strategic challenge facing your organization. Our unique project methodology clearly defines the opportunity, models scenarios, and prescribes contextual solutions. A team of analysts, domain experts and data specialists work iteratively with your team to develop, refine and deploy a valuable solution. We strongly believe the greatest probability of success is achieved in open-minded, collaborative environments that emphasize learning and a willingness to challenge all assumptions.

Ready for a fresh take on analytics?

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